Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I took this picture after we got out of the movie for the advance screening of star trek about 2 wks. ago. these dogs were humungous!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

this pic is bad but i don't feel like a fool trying to snap pics with my phone. today i'm watching the screening of star trek. i heard this movie is good. i'm still sleepy. the movie doesn't start until 11 am. you have to be here early if you want to get in. happy saturday!

Friday, May 01, 2009

this is one of the lines i waited in. i sent brian over there after work to stand in line. he waited for hrs before i got off work. x-men was so worth the wait. we sat in the cine capri. tomorrow we will be seeing star trek. sorry for the crappy phone pics. mobile blogging gets a bit tricky. tgif!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is my snack. i am hungry and couldn't wait for lunch. today brian and i are watching a screening of next day air. i'm not sure when this movie comes out, but hopefully it is funny. tomorrow i'll be watching x-men origins. hopefully brian and i can into the theatre since these screenings are first come first serve.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

i've been away a long time. i'm trying out the mobile blogging. this is a stuffed sopapilla from genaros in gallup, NM.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

we went to go eat at that las vegas style buffet last friday, and all i got to say is that was some nasty crap! they had a variety of dishes, but every dish i sampled tasted like it was sweetened. they also had all you can eat crab legs and people were going over there and packing/piling those crab legs onto their plates. it was so gross to see. i was so disappointed that we wasted money on an overly priced yucky restaurant. it is a fairly new restaurant out in peoria, but i will never, ever step foot in that place again.

brian's birthday was another social mess. i didn't want to talk about it in my last post because i was still angry. all i have to say is that if you mix natives, alcohol, and people you will more than likely have to face drama! some people just cannot handle alcohol or should i say that they do not know when to stop drinking without making a fool of themselves. i swear, i actually felt like i was having flashbacks from highschool. if you start crying and slurring then you know that person just had way too much! i hope i don't have to ever go through that again. that is all i have to say about that.....hmmmph!

brian and i got back from watching a prescreening of pink panther 2. i'm not sure when this movie is actually coming out, but we went to go see it at the tempe marketplace. last week, we went to see the uninvited at the cine capri before that was supposed to come out too. i love watching special prescreenings especially when they are totally free! i will probably see friday the 13th and the international before they come out in movie theatres also. such a cool thing when you got the hook up!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

bummer! i practically yelled like a crazy fool this evening. i'm not a football fan, but tonight was really interesting. my husband and i were for the arizona cardinals. they really had a chance at winning the super bowl tonight. its too bad, but at least they tried their best and they actually got to the super bowl.
yesterday was brian's 31st birthday. i baked peach cake and made beans with pigs feet (hamhocks) and some navajo fry bread. it was his birthday dinner request, so i had to respect his wishes and this is what i made for his birthday. he tells me that his grandmother used to make him this and he had a craving for some.

haha! i bet everyone is familiar with this cops video. i used to attend high school with him. his name is steven, but i think they called him 'sugar'.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

we've been having some really shitty weather here. one day it got up to 80 degrees and then the next day it's cold as hell. right now i'm sitting on my bed freezing my ass off. my dog is snoring so loud too. she sleeps on her dog bed on the floor. she is such a brat. my cat sleeps either on our legs our next to our feet. sometimes during the night i feel myself kicking her off. hehehe! i'm not sure when i'm getting to bed tonight. it surely is way past my bed time. i can feel tomorrow is going to be one shitty day. my coworker took the day off to attend a birthday party on the rez. when she is gone it is up to me to do her job as well as mine.

tomorrow is friday. brian and i usually make it a point to try and go out to eat on friday nights. last friday, we ate at a korean restaurant. brian had some kalbi and i felt like eating soup, so i ordered some bean paste soup and then to top it off we also had some korean pancake. i felt like such a freaking pig. i'm not sure where we are going to go tomorrow. i heard about some las vegas style buffet that opened up in peoria not too long ago. we might have to try that out tomorrow, but i'm still not too sure. i have a craving for some seafood. well, i better try and get ready for bed. good night!

this picture was taken in korea of course. don't you wish you were born a cat. i thought this was so cute!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

happy new year! It's been a long time since i last posted. i don't like sitting in front of the computer. i sit at a computer all day at work and it really makes me not want to sit at a computer when i get home. i spend most of my time now running/walking on the treadmill, watching my recorded shows on the dvr, working out with wii fit, taking my dog on walks and basically just trying to keep myself active.
Nothing much really is going on currently in my life. it is the same routine 7 days a week. the weekdays are dedicated to going to work, coming back from work at the end of the day, cooking dinner/getting take out, excercising and catching up on recorded shows on the dvr. the weekend is when brian and i can roam. we usually treat our selves to a new restaurant or even a favorite. sometimes we go to the movies, roam goodwill/yard sales, go to the mall and shop or visit friends or family. it is basically the same routine probably 365 days a year. haha! we have no children so we are basically free to do as we wish. our only babies are my cat and dog.
next week is brian's 31st birthday. i am planning on cooking for him. i think we have been eating out too much lately so he requested home cooked food for his birthday. i'm not sure exactly what i am going to make. i am leaning more towards navajo tacos. we haven't had that in ages. i have this wonderful bbq that has a burner. i don't ever have to make frybread in the kitchen again! how awesome is that? i dislike how the wafting smell of burnt grease can get into every thing you own. i don't have that problem anymore. hey, speaking of fry bread, about 2 weeks ago a coworker and i were coming back from lunch and we saw this new eatery called the sacred hogan. they are located on 8th street and indian school. i think it is navajo owned, but i'm not too sure. they serve mutton and several other navajo cuisine there so i don't doubt that it is navajo owned, but anyway i thought that was cool to see since it is probably the first in phoenix. i've tried their frybread and it is very good!
well, my eyes are getting pretty dry sitting here so i will leave here with a few more photos

This was taken in korea. there were transvestites doing a show at an outside carnival.

i miss the korean markets

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brian and I ate fresh fish by the ocean while we were in korea. it was not deboned, but it was still delicious. the bones were so tiny and delicate that it was easy to chew.